An Affordable and Efficient Tree Removal Service Offered in Hertford

Proudly Serving Customers Throughout Hertford, Hertfordshire

With a wealth of experience in tree surgery, our proficient team use their skill and expertise to safely remove trees from your premise. There are many benefits of removing trees from your property, these include adding more light in your property and creating more outside space. For further information about our tree removal and pollarding services, please contact our team in Hertford, Hertfordshire.

Tree Removal

Using our skill and expertise, we carefully remove a tree from its root.

Crown Reduction

Allow light to stream through your windows and improve the amount of outside space your property has by choosing our crown reduction service. Please note, it is uncommon that more than 30% of light can be created if this procedure is carried out. In this service, the ends of the branches are reduced in length back to suitable ‘growth points’ (side branches). As a result, the entire tree crown is reduced in size and volume whilst retaining the natural shape of the species.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is an affordable and effective way to increase the amount of light in your garden. The process is carried out by increasing the gap between the ground level and the crown. This is normally achieved by removing the lowest branches of the crown to a specified height.


Pollarding is a pruning system in which the tree is headed back (tree stem or minor branches removed) every year. This pruning encourages lateral branches and is normally done two or three metres above ground level.

Contact our friendly team in Hertford, Hertfordshire, to arrange our tree removal or pollarding service.


Felling is a process that involves carefully cutting the tree at the base of the trunk so that it falls in the preferred direction.

Section Felling

This procedure consists of dismantling the tree into small sections. This operation is usually undertaken using heavy duty rigging equipment, lowering ropes and skilled branch removal techniques.

Stump Grinding

Using state of the art equipment, we carefully and resourcefully remove any stubborn stumps in your property’s front/back garden or the outside of a commercial premise. Removing unsightly tree stumps from your garden instantly uplifts and enhances the appearance of it. You may want to add some garden features in the new space created!

Storm Damage

British weather can be unpredictable and storms can severely affect the trees that surround your home. If the trees that surround your property have fallen, look unstable, or been affected by storm damage, please get in touch as soon as possible as we know the correct precautions to follow to make sure the damaged trees are removed safely.

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